Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh sewing... how I miss you...

I really really really am trying to be patient, but I am STILL waiting on my husband to pick up my sewing table and bring it home!!  So I keep looking at my fabric and awaiting the day I can cut into it.  Yes, I could sew at the kitchen table, but I find that so hard to set up and take down every time. We use our kitchen all the time to eat, etc. So I NEED my sewing table..
So for now... Here is my stash!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well today in our household we celebrated Valentines Day for my daughter's preschool. She was so excited to give out her goodies to her friends.
So this is a valentines day wall hanging I made! I am tempted to leave it up all year!!
This Sunday we will celebrate Valentines Day as my mother-in-law marry's a wonderful man!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We've moved!

So I am hoping to have this blog up and running soon!!  We have been very busy with moving in the month of December.  In addition to that, I found out that I am having baby #3!!  That was very much a surprise, but I am getting used to the idea of another sweet newborn :-)
I am also hoping to figure out how to get a new layout for this blog.  I am soooo clueless on how to run blogger!!  If anyone out there has any suggestions for me on templates, etc. I could use the help!
Happy very belated New Years!
Ok, so this isn't what the outside of the house looks like now, but you get the idea! (note to self: get a current picture of the house!!)

The kitchen on moving day!

Where the sewing magic will happen!! If I can ever get my husband to move my sewing table over here.  Sigh...

So there you have it! The reason for my delay in blogging.  In the mean time, I enjoy reading everyone else's blog, while drinking my daily coffee.  You are all my inspiration!!