Thursday, February 4, 2010

We've moved!

So I am hoping to have this blog up and running soon!!  We have been very busy with moving in the month of December.  In addition to that, I found out that I am having baby #3!!  That was very much a surprise, but I am getting used to the idea of another sweet newborn :-)
I am also hoping to figure out how to get a new layout for this blog.  I am soooo clueless on how to run blogger!!  If anyone out there has any suggestions for me on templates, etc. I could use the help!
Happy very belated New Years!
Ok, so this isn't what the outside of the house looks like now, but you get the idea! (note to self: get a current picture of the house!!)

The kitchen on moving day!

Where the sewing magic will happen!! If I can ever get my husband to move my sewing table over here.  Sigh...

So there you have it! The reason for my delay in blogging.  In the mean time, I enjoy reading everyone else's blog, while drinking my daily coffee.  You are all my inspiration!!

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Ammie said...

Ooo--your house is gorgeous! That future sewing room looks cozy and sunny--a perfect crafting place. And last but not least, congratulations on your pregnancy! (You are feeling good now? I hope so.)